Dear Jan,

I’m glad to hear that you are well, and hope that Mini’s pain will decrease. We are O.K. – thank our Lord, only a little flu that we caught, but nothing serious. I’m a little busy right now, and I’m really sorry that I haven’t wrote any news in a month, but I was a member of election committee in our Church, so I had a lot of work. Thank God, it’s finished, so I can take a deep breath. Work continues, I can share some photoalbums, so you can see, what we had done:

Isolation of ceiling:
Isolation of ceiling

Arrival of building materials:

Arrival of building materials

Installing windows:

Installing windows

Inside works:

Inside works

Wooden foundation of second floor:

Wooden foundation of second floor

Also Pisty with some workers started to plastering new walls they made (kitchen, toilet, etc.), so we are not resting…

If God helps us, we are planning to finish electric works, make ceiling of drywall boards, also make plumbing and install doors. If you have resources and opportunity to help us, we’ll be grateful, because our situation right now is complicated a little bit. Also please pray for our church, and for our country.

My best regards to Mini and your people!

Your brother in Christ: